From Brick to Bread: Building a backyard oven

You too can make bread from scratch, starting from the ground up with a wood-fired oven in your own yard. See what it takes to enjoy a wood-fired brick oven - how to build it and how to use it - with this hands-on project for wholesome living. This book provides a fully illustrated step-by-step guide to building a brick oven. 88 pages, full color.

$22.99 paperback

$7.99 ebook

$17.99 (paperback)

​$3.99 ​(ebook)

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 A Mistake of Consequence

Kidnapped,carried across the ocean, and sold in the colonies, Callie Beaton wants to go home, but with murder and love in her way, will she ever get there?

Snags and Sawyers:2000 Down the Arkansas River

Some guys just talk about their dreams.  Others follow them. In 1949, Johnny, Dick and Jerry set out for New Orleans with two canoes, 300 pounds of equipment, and a lot of dreams.

This is the story of their journey.

$19.95 plus tax and shipping


Under a Brass Moon

Includes Calliope, another Roscoe Gordon adventure, along with sci-fi steampunk stories from 18 other authors.

13 Haunting Tales

Anthology of ghost stories by eight authors:

​     Paul Maitrejean           Jordan E. Mierek

     D. R. Greyson             Terri Karsten

     Sean Krage                 John Michaels

      Hannah Jones             N. R. Mehlhoff

​Illustrations by Kayla Fayerweather