I am a writer and a teacher. I fell in love with stories and writing when I was in second grade.  Since then, I've found that stories shape my world, open doors for me, give me the courage and the power to face the 'monsters.' Isabella Gardner claims in her poem, The Minotaur, that we all must face our monsters on our own. But I find, with stories, we never have to be alone.

I am from books,
a treasure trove –
1000’s of pages,
gold doubloons piling up
in the caverns of my mind.

I am from Shaken Days and Baby Island,
Toyland and Stranger in a Strange Land,
from a raft made of bunk beds
floating down the Ohio River into the Amazon jungle. 

I am from stories stolen from the pages,
captured with the wind in a tree,
a surreptitious flashlight under the bed covers,
a hammock swinging amidst the cherries.

I am from worlds inhabited
by hobbits and the ghosts of Green Knowe,
by kelpies and water fairies
and the Prince of Donegal

I am from a myriad of times.
I’ve walked the streets of ancient Rome,
and the dark forests of Colonial Massachusetts.
I’ve flown across the country with the barnstormers of the 30’s
and against Thread with the dragons of Pern.

I am from words
flowing into my soul
and back out again in the stories I write.

I am a reader and a writer.
I can be anything.